Florida Airstream Club Membership Listing

Full Members

Adams, Lori 25892
Allen, J. Ron and Chris 3433
Arnold, Sue and Thomas, Sharon 5301
Arthur, Denise and Gregory 697
Barto, David and Rebecca 4096
Barton, Mace and Cindy 2284
Behler, Gary and Elizabeth (Betsy) 22441
Behnke, Bill and Lynn 5572
Blasdell, Whit and Marilyn 3663
Blewett, Craig and Beth 2310
Bolling, Robert and Cane, Sheila 6878
Brazzel, Ken and Sandy 26720
Butterworth, Larry and Botonis, Dana 21697
Carpenter, Bob and Lane 14494
Carroll, Charles and Andrea 6053
Carson, Frank and Joan 23343
Carson, Ron and Ann 3183
Cernicchiaro, Cristina 4069
Clark, Bob and Sara 1716
Covert, Liz and Rick 21231
Digby, Vicki 9113
Ernst, Eric and Kathy 5526
Esposito, Sam and June 17806
Evans, David and Donna 6617
Felder, Kendall and Wheeler, Melanie 30906
Fredricks, John and Carole 9992
Gebo, Eric and Dicks, Randy 1639
Geiger, Hugh and Elizabeth 2401
George, Timothy and Pamela 4984
Gilbert, Skip and Jeannie 3033
Godfrey, Randy and Pat 7591
Godwin, Joanne and Greg 2434
Gordon, Darrel and Brenda 7568
Green, Paul and Donna 30117
Grogan, Peter and Black, Laurel 5578
Guaraldi, Jane and Glen 1832
Hageman, Henry and Jennifer 2357
Hargett, Curtis and Rachel 3597
Harn, Jim and Julie 5397
Hartley, Elizabeth and Dustin 21812
Haynes, Maggie 11015
Haynes, Nan Joi and Tomas 15496
Hoffer, Jerome and Joyce 3101
Hunt, Eric and Kim 9103
Jacobs, Bonnie and Piskator, Erick 4688
Jarrell, C. James 23102
Johnson, Thomas and Terri 12947
Juliano, Mark and Ruth 2254
Kane, Steve and Laura 3987
Krabel, Jeff and Mary 2980
Kress, Jim and Sue 5737
Krewer, Candace and Henry 2589
Larson, Tim and Bret 16787
Loretta, Joe and Brenna 3216
Ludwig, Stephen and Laurie 11205
Mahan, Dianne and Gary 4981
Majette, Amanda and Michael 5262
Martin, Rose 3654
Masters, Robert and Linda 7669
Mastin, Matthew and Hagood, Ben 6713
McCarron, Lynn and David 2265
McGloin, Brad and Janet 2185
McMullen, Jack and Patti 6385
Millis, George and Pamela 1989
Moore, Edward and Lauren 13747
Nauman, John and Paine, Ann 2996
Nix, Charlie and Roxanne 2841
Oppel, Steve and Deb 1260
Osborne, Joseph and Kathleen 5604
Park, Marilyn and John 3789
Patch, Gene and Sarah 7202
Poole, David and Susan 3988
Rabaja, Christine 2278
Reed, Gerald and Meriam 4098
Rodgers, Jim and Tracey 20157
Rooks, David and Jackson, Douglas 1925
Rucker, Reed and Patty 30994
Saelinger, Bill and Debbie 3060
Schroeder, Rainer and Helga 2246
Schrum, Paul and Kay 21842
Scovotto, Lawrence and Linda 1021
Shanklin, Ann 4699
Silberson, Jeanne and Roy 5849
Smith, Terry 5770
Smith, Gary and Immacolata 2777
Stage, Lesa and Steve 20818
Stokes, Paul and Leila 16876
Straughn, David and Jessi 9739
Suddath, Danielle 3614
Swegles, Michael and Mary Anne 19557
Szabo, Frank and Carol 1817
Taylor, Melanie and Harris, Kris 3566
Thoman, Darla and Ciaramella, Carla 3980
Turner, Jeffrey and Florence 4413
Turner, William and Donna 5947
Waschka, Al and Missy 1322
Wenger, David and Betty 1393
Wentzel, Tom and Linda 2511
Whitter, Bob and Jeannie 11949
Williams, James and Carolyn 2802
Winkler, Rodney 8653
Wymer, Tim and Alice 4249
Zamper, Sue 7537
Zappulla, Barbara and Burns, Robert 5997

Affiliate Members

Andermills, Karen and Dorrie 2628
Barrett, Judy 12814
Beidler, Chris and Teresa 8098
Brink, Gary and Linda 29944
Buchanan, Al and Grace 800
Bucher, Bill and Joan 1467
Cofield, Mike and Lisa 8072
Edwards, Dale and Janis 2513
Fore, Warren and Sharon 11897
Kahler, Kim and Elaine 3963
Marquette, Richard and Fran 3270
Matousek, Jay and Chris 1372
Moss, Lynn and Sue 3711
Peterson, Vernon and Ensign Carry 1573
Pezzoli, John and Suzan 6750
Robertson, Jean and Janet 10067
Rothery, Frank and Donna 4512
Shinnamon, Louis and Meistrell, Sonja 2992
Tansey, Alden and Daria 5945
White, Stan and Helene 1597
Yochum, Fred and Briscoe, Anne 1628

[Updated 02/2020]